The Picture-Perfect Outfit: What to Wear for a Photo Shoot With Your Dog

Are you ready to capture the bond between you and your furry best friend in timeless artwork from an outdoor or studio dog photo shoot? From classic poses to joyful kisses and play time, these cherished moments deserve to be immortalized in a canvas on your wall or professionally designed photo album.

But before you step in front of the camera, there’s one huge question to answer: what outfit should you wear for your dog’s photography session? In this blog post, I will guide you through the task of selecting the ideal outfits for your special photo shoot with your pup. 

We will delve into the art of coordinating and contrasting colors, whether to embrace patterns or keep it simple, dressing for the season, deciding between casual and glamorous vibes, and the importance of hair and makeup. 

It’s all in the details

Sometimes the most beautiful portrait of you and your best friend can come down to the tiniest details in your outfit! Ultimately, the clothing you choose should be the one that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful since that will shine through in your photographs! However, here are some of my quick tips to consider when picking your attire:

Tip #1: Dogs shed, please do not wear black!

While black might be a flattering color in real life, when you are posing with your dog you will unfortunately pick-up hair and dirt from interacting with them. Black clothing will show everything! 

Tip #2: Short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, and long sleeves tend to be more flattering.

Avoid tank tops, spaghetti straps, or strapless tops. Please no visible bra straps!

Tip #3: Wear an outfit that you can properly engage with your dog in.

I will ask you to bend down to pet your dog and perhaps sit or lay on the ground to pose with them. This means no short skirts or dresses, low-cut tops, or clothing that is too tight or restrictive if you bend over. 

Tip #4: Clean up the extras!

No treat pouches on your hip or poop bag holders on your or your leash, no phones in your pockets, avoid hair binders or scrunchies on your wrist, and no apple watches/fitbits! Yes, sometimes I can photoshop these items out, but I would prefer to not have to!

Tip #5: Consider your shoes

Since your dog is at ground level, there are a few cute poses we can do with your feet and your dog in the same frame. So, this is a great opportunity to wear your favorite cowboy boots, some colored sneakers, or your favorite sandals! At the very least, make sure your shoes are clean and not damaged.

Thinking about your finished product

When selecting your outfit for a portrait session with your dog, it’s worth considering what you envision hanging on your walls. Your portraits will likely become cherished pieces of art that you display in your home, so it’s essential to choose attire that complements your desired aesthetic. 

Think about the overall style and ambiance of your living space. If you have a modern and minimalist decor, clean lines and neutral tones in your outfits can create a cohesive look. Alternatively, if your home is filled with vibrant colors and eclectic decor, don’t be afraid to incorporate bold hues and patterns that reflect your lively style.

By considering where you want to place your wall art or album, you can ensure that your outfit harmonizes with your home’s existing aesthetic, and color scheme creating a seamless connection between your portrait and your living space.

Ultimately, the goal is to select an outfit that not only captures the bond with your dog but also enhances the overall visual appeal of your home.

The art of color

The art of coordinating and contrasting colors is a powerful tool when it comes to creating visually captivating portraits with your dog in an outdoor or studio setting. Just like a painter’s palette, the colors you choose can evoke emotions, set the tone, and enhance the overall composition of your portraits.

By harmonizing your outfits with your dog’s natural hues and considering the surrounding location, you can achieve a beautifully cohesive and balanced composition. Start by considering your dog’s fur color and choose outfits that complement it. This would be similar to choosing colors on the same portion of the color wheel as your dog’s coloring, see the image below for analogous colors. For example, if your dog has warm golden fur, earthy tones like shades of brown, olive green, or deep burgundy can create a harmonious blend. On the other hand, if your pup has a sleek black coat, bold jewel tones like emerald green, royal blue, or deep purple can make a striking statement.

Image by macrovector on Freepik

To add an eye-catching contrast to your portrait session, consider incorporating colors from the opposite side of the color wheel compared to your dog’s colors and your clothing. This technique can create a striking visual impact that grabs attention. If your dog has warm, reddish tones in their fur, explore cooler hues like shades of blue or green to create a complementary contrast. Similarly, if your pup has cool-toned fur like shiny black, warmer colors such as shades of orange or coral can provide a captivating juxtaposition. See the color wheel for complementary and other ways to combine colors together.

Additionally, consider the location where the portraits will be taken. If you’re surrounded by lush greenery, opting for earthy or pastel tones can help you blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Conversely, if you’re near a vibrant garden or a beach with azure waters, brighter and bolder colors can provide a stunning contrast. Remember, the goal is to create a visually pleasing composition where you and your dog harmonize with each other and the environment

To pattern or not to pattern

When deciding whether to incorporate patterns into your attire for a portrait session with your dog, it’s essential to strike a balance between visual interest and distraction. Patterns can add depth and personality to your outfits, but they can also compete with the focus on you and your furry friend.

If your dog has patterns (e.g., a spotty dalmatian or a merle border collie), it is best to keep your own outfits solid and simple. It is best to add other elements like textures or accessories in this case. If you have a solid-colored dog, you might be able to get away with adding some visual interest to your own outfit.

Ultimately, the choice to wear patterns depends on your personal style and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve for your portrait session.

Dress for the season

Dressing appropriately for the season is a crucial consideration when planning your outdoor portrait session with your dog, regardless of the time of year. Each season brings its own unique atmosphere, colors, and weather conditions, all of which can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your portraits.

During the spring, embrace the freshness and blooming colors with light layers, pastel hues, and floral accents. In the summer, opt for breathable fabrics, vibrant colors, and lighter clothing to beat the heat. As autumn rolls around, embrace the warmth and richness of the season with cozy textures, earthy tones, and layered outfits. Finally, in winter, bundle up in stylish coats, scarves, and hats, using the snowy backdrop to create a magical winter wonderland atmosphere.

By dressing in accordance with the season, you not only ensure comfort and practicality but also capture the essence of each time of year, adding depth and authenticity to your portraits with your beloved furry companion.

Casual or glamorous 

When it comes to deciding between a casual or glamorous look for your portrait session with your dog, the choice ultimately depends on the style and atmosphere you wish to convey. Dressing casually allows for a relaxed and authentic vibe, capturing genuine moments of connection and playfulness. Opt for comfortable yet stylish outfits that reflect your personal style and allow you to move freely with your dog. Casual attire can range from jeans and a cozy sweater to a flowing maxi dress paired with comfortable shoes.

On the other hand, going glamorous adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your portraits. Embrace luxurious fabrics, statement pieces, and polished ensembles that create a visually stunning aesthetic. Glamorous attire can include tailored suits or formal gowns, paired with accessories that elevate the overall look.

Whether you choose casual or glamorous, the key is to ensure that you feel confident, comfortable, and true to your personal style. Ultimately, your portrait session is an opportunity to showcase your unique bond with your dog, and the choice of attire should reflect the essence of that connection in a way that feels most authentic to you.

Hair and makeup are the icing on top

When preparing for a photoshoot, paying attention to your hair and makeup can greatly enhance your overall appearance and boost your confidence in front of the camera. For hair, consider styles that are true to your style but also timeless, such as soft curls or natural waves. Choose a style that complements your face shape and works well with your outfit choices. Additionally, ensure that your hair is well-groomed, free from fly-aways, and styled in a way that won’t distract from the focus of the photos – you and your dog.

As for makeup, aim for a natural and camera-friendly look that enhances your features without appearing overly heavy or dramatic. Opt for a flawless complexion by using foundation or concealer to even out skin tone, and apply a touch of blush for a healthy glow. Enhance your eyes with neutral eyeshadows, a subtle winged eyeliner, and mascara to make them pop. Soft, natural-looking lips in shades that complement your skin tone can complete the look.

Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a polished and well-groomed appearance that enhances your natural beauty while keeping the focus on the connection between you and your dog. If you want to treat yourself, it may be a great idea to schedule professional hair and makeup on the day of your photo session!

It’s all about you and your dog

As you choose your perfect outfit, remember to make sure you feel happy and confident in whatever you are wearing! Whether you choose coordinated colors, contrasting hues, subtle patterns, or solid tones, the key is to select attire that reflects your personal style, complements your dog’s natural features, and harmonizes with the environment. Consider the season, the desired atmosphere, and even how your outfits will align with your home decor when choosing what to wear.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of your portrait session is the genuine connection and love shared between you and your furry companion. So, let your clothing choices enhance, not overpower, the main focus of the portraits. As always, if you have questions about what to wear feel free to reach out to me!

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