Your Dog Can’t be Off-Leash? No Problem!

Did you know that all of the dogs I photograph are on-leash during their session? Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, leashes (and sometimes owner’s legs) are removed before you get your final artwork and digital images. What are some of the reasons I photograph dogs on-leash, just to remove them in post-processing?

1. Leashes keep dogs safe

Safety is my first priority!

Image of three dogs with leashes on After image of three dogs without leashes

2. Leashes remove the mental pressure from the dog

Your dog might know ‘stay’ at home, but then in an unfamiliar place with a new, exicting person with a camera and treats, they might act like they have never heard that word in their life! By using a slightly taut leash, we can keep the dog where we want them for the perfect shot without having to ask them to stay or hold a certain position. Less stress = more fun!

Bulldog with leash on Bulldog with leash removed

3. Many locations have laws about leashes

Most of the locations that I use for dog portrait sessions have laws that require dogs to be on-leash.

Check out some of the before and after images in this post to see how great your images will look with leashes removed!

Before image of two dogs with leashes After image of two dogs without leashes

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