Limited Edition Pet Photography Sessions

Limited edition sessions are an opportunity for you and your dog to have images taken in a special location or in a unique way, in a shorter time span.

These sessions are short (usually 15-20 minutes) and conducted in back-to-back time slots or with a group. They are also a smaller price point for those who might not want a full-fledged portrait session. That doesn’t mean you can’t still create amazing albums and wall art, though! We will still get plenty of different poses and combinations during the shorter time frame.

Some of the Limited Edition sessions I have held in the past include:

In order to plan and book these sessions, I usually gather information about those who are interested. Please see below for a form where you can submit your interest – you will get the first chance to book!

A black lab mix jumps across a black backdrop with red powder flowing off of his back

interest form