a woman kissing her border collie are shown as a silhouette against an orange sunset

Dog Portraits by Barking Dog Images: Best of 2021

It’s New Years Eve, which means 2021 is coming to an end, and it’s time to summarize my favorite shots from the past year… did your dog make the list?

Barking Dog Images has completely exceeded my goals and expectations for this year; I am so proud and thankful to my clients, friends, and family for your support of my business! As a joyful way to wrap up the year, I wanted to post some of my favorite moments (in no specific order) that I was lucky enough to capture in 2021.

Best hairdo

Whether it takes hours or comes au naturale – our dogs’ ‘do is a big part of their portrait session!


Otto the Standard Poodle sported a beautiful groom during our limited edition sunflower field session

Gunter the Chow mix had the most marvelous mohawk for his summer shoot in Menomonee Park

Flynn the Sheltie’s adorable groom plus head tilt on the Riverwalk in downtown Milwaukee made him look like a stuffed animal!

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Best blooper

I love candids! Sometimes, when you ask clients to act like they do at home with their dogs, you get some hilarious real-life moments! I call this image ‘hover puppies’.

Dog siblings Ruby and Lazlo showed me how they play during our session at Chain O’ Lakes State Park

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Youngest dog

I had the opportunity to photograph a 3-week old litter of terriers in their breeder’s home – the youngest puppies I have ever had in front of my camera!

Three Bedlington Terrier puppies curled up on a mat in their whelping room

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Best dressed

This category was so hard – I LOVE it when owners bring accessories like bandanas, scarves, and collars to their photography session!

Effie the Italian Greyhound showed off her fur shawl

Whim-Z the Chihuahua rocked a studded leather collar

Fannie the English Bulldog donned a pink tutu and crown for her birthday cake smash

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Oldest dog

I believe that pet parents should have portraits taken of their dogs at all stages of life, but I definitely encourage they have a session with their senior dogs. For these elderly dogs, I know that these images will be treasured for many years to come.

Cleo and Bear (17 and 16 years old!!!) during their limited edition Christmas tree session at Poplar Creek Tree Farm

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Best landscape

Wisconsin and Illinois have so many beautiful locations for dog photography!

Heist the Dutch Shepherd posed in front of the beautiful quarry in Menomonee Park

Rescue the Corgi framed by gorgeous fall leaves at her own home

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Largest group

My photography sessions do not have limit on the number of dogs, as long as they are from the same household (wait, what?!). Even better, I can use Photoshop to make a composite image with all of your dogs (and humans) looking perfectly at the camera (double what?!).

My good friend Carly and her family braved the cold for a group shot with all seven (!!) of their dogs on their porch to order on holiday cards this year!

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Rarest breed

I have been lucky enough to have multiple opportunities to photograph Castel the coated Xoloitzcuintli this year (as well as his fur siblings who are also rare breeds!). It is so cool to photograph a breed I have never seen before!

Castel the coated Xoloitzcuintli gave me his best smolder on a bench in his own backyard in Waukesha, Wisconsin

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Best relationship pose

I will end on my favorite category! Whether you have a portrait session with your new puppy that will one day be your competition partner, or you are posing with your senior who might not have much time left, I always encourage owners to get into the portraits with their dogs. Come as you are and we can capture the priceless relationship you have with your dog!

Classic the Border Collie waved to her mom in a silhouette image taken on private property in Antioch, Illinois

Cody gazed adoringly at his mom during a limited edition Christmas tree session

Pink the Border Collie puppy peeked over her mom’s shoulder at Minooka Park in Waukesha.

That’s a wrap!

Keep an eye out for new year specials, new offerings, and other exciting changes coming to Barking Dog Images in 2022!

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