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Where To Take Your Dog Swimming Near Milwaukee

A comprehensive list of indoor and outdoor locations for dog swimming in Southeastern Wisconsin [Updated 2024]

Swimming is amazing exercise for your dog. It uses all of the major muscle groups, yet is low-impact. Swimming is also great for dogs who are old or who are recovering from injury (if it is okay-ed by their vet). This page was created to compile both indoor and outdoor locations in the the Milwaukee, Waukesha, and greater Southeastern Wisconsin area where you can take your dog swimming.

Need a place to beat the heat? Check out the 5 outdoor locations! Looking to escape the bitter winter with some fun? Indoor locations are below!

Indoor Locations to Take Your Dog Swimming

#1: Think Pawsitive (Waukesha, WI)

Think Pawsitive is a dog training facility located in Waukesha. The pool is called K9 Splash Swim Center. They also offer assisted swims and lessons including classes to help puppies learn to swim. The pool is large enough for competitive dock diving. All new dogs are required to have a staff assisted swim to get used to the pool. A 20-minute assisted swim is $42 and a regular 20-minute swim is $26. Packages are available to save money. Multiple dogs can swim together for an additional fee, but humans cannot enter the pool. There is a bathing and drying area with a door.

#2: Aqua Therapups (Brookfield, WI and Richfield, WI)

Aqua Therapups is a therapeutic option, which means that the pools are heated to higher levels than pools meant for training or fun. These pools can help with rehabilitation, weight loss, or muscle toning. The pools are smaller, so they aren’t meant for competition dock diving, but you can still give your pup some training or workout! They recommend that you book an assisted swim for your first visit, but owners cannot swim in the pools with the dogs. A 20-minute assisted swim is $43 and a 20-minute regular swim is $28, but packages are available. Extra dogs from the same household are included. There is also an area for bathing and other wellness treatments can be booked. Note: The Slinger location has closed and the pool moved to Richfield, WI!

#3: The Feed Bag (Mequon, WI)

The Feed Bag Pet Supply in Mequon also offers a therapeutic type pool that is not large enough for competitive dock diving, but will give your dog a great workout. All swims are supervised by the staff, and owners cannot get in the pool. There is a bathing and drying area. The cost is $15 for a 15-minute swim or $45 for a 30-minute swim. An additional dog from the same household can be added to the longer swim for $10. Packages are available.

#4: Happy Paws (Wauwatosa, WI)

Happy Paws is a daycare facility in Wauwatosa. The indoor pool can be used independently or during daycare bookings. The rates are $35 for 45 minutes or $60 for 1 hour and 15 minutes, but these times include drying times. There is no information online about swim assistance or additional dogs.

#5: Dog Paddle (Milwaukee, WI)

Dog Paddle is a small, heated pool that is great for exercising your dog, but is not a dock diving pool. All of the swims are 30 minutes long, including rinse time. The first appointment must be assisted and costs $40. Then, a non-assisted swim costs $35 plus $5 per additional dog from the same household. Packages are available. You can even give your dog a bath for up to 30 minutes afterwards free of charge!

#6: Three Hounds Training Ground (Plymouth, WI)

Three Hound Training Ground is a dock diving pool in Plymouth, WI, near Sheboygan. It’s a bit of a drive for most people, but totally worth it if you want to teach your dog to compete in dock diving! There are also tons of training classes and events to do with your dog here. An evaluation swim for 30 minutes is $21, an assisted swim for 30 minutes is $42, and a regular 30-minute swim is $32. There are blow dryers, but no rinse or bath here.

Public Outdoor Wisconsin Dog Beaches and Parks for Swimming

#1: Menomonee Park Beach (Lannon, WI)

Menomonee Park, near the town of Lannon, has a great dog beach to the right of the regular beach. The water is always warm and clean! Entry is $5 if you do not have a Waukesha County annual park pass. Click here for more information and swimming rules. Note that humans cannot swim with their pets, and this area is unfenced.

#2: Fox Brook Park Beach (Brookfield, WI)

Fox Brook Park is also in the Waukesha County Park system. The swimming area is slightly more crowded, but it is fully fenced which is great for swimming dogs who might not be reliable off-leash! Remember you need a Waukesha county parks pass to swim here.

#3: Minooka (Waukesha, WI), Mukwonago (Mukwonago, WI), and Muskego (Muskego, WI) Park Beaches

These three parks in the Waukesha County Park system do not have designated dog swim areas, but your dog can swim on the regular beach whenever a lifeguard is not present, called Swim at Your Own Risk hours. See this page for the hours at each park. You will need a Waukesha county park day or annual pass for these beaches!

#4: Ottawa Lake – Boat Launch (Ottawa, WI)

The left side of the boat launch at Ottawa Lake in Kettle Moraine State Forest – Southern Unit is one of my favorite places to bring my dogs swimming. There is a dock so you can practice your dog’s dock diving skills, and my favorite hiking trail (Scuppernong) is just a few minutes away. You will need a day or annual pass for Wisconsin State Parks to get to the lake. Humans can swim at the boat launch, and small boats like kayaks often launch from the ramp.

#5: Pike Lake Beach (Hartford, WI)

North of the human beach at Pike Lake in the Kettle Moraine State Forest – Pike Lake Unit has a dog beach for swimming. The Kettle Moraine area is filled with trails and recreation for dogs and their families, so this is a great place to stop for a dip after a long hike! You will need a Wisconsin state park pass for this location.

#6: Harrington Beach State Park (Belgium, WI)

If your dog craves waves and a long dog beach instead of a lake, this Wisconsin State park along Lake Michigan has a beach for dogs on the south side of the park. There is a short walk to get to the dog beach, which can be hard for excited dogs who might pull on leash! Metal steps take you down to the sand. Beware, if the water level is high there might not be any accessible beach. It is best to call ahead to see if the sand is accessible and if there are any dangerous tides. You will need a state park pass for this location.

#7: Rice Lake – Boat Launch (Whitewater, WI)

The boat launch at Rice Lake in the Kettle Moraine South area of Whitewater is a popular spot for dog owners to bring their furry friends for swimming. The boat launch offers ample space for dogs to swim and play in the water. The lake itself is relatively shallow, making it a safe and comfortable place for dogs of all sizes and swimming abilities. Additionally, the area surrounding the boat launch is wooded and scenic, providing a beautiful backdrop for a day out with your dog (or a photography session with me, Barking Dog Images!). Visitors to Rice Lake Boat Launch should keep in mind that the area is not a designated dog park, so be sure to keep your dog on a leash when not in the water and to clean up after them. You will need a state park pass for this location.

#8: Viking County Park – Dog Exercise Area (Stoughton, WI)

The off-leash dog exercise area within Viking County Park in Stoughton, Wisconsin, features a dog swimming beach within its fence, providing a great option for pet owners looking for a designated area for their furry companions to cool off and swim. The beach is well-maintained and offers a safe and clean environment for dogs to enjoy the water. The beach features a gentle slope, allowing for easy entry and exit for dogs of all sizes and swimming abilities. Additionally, since the dog swimming beach is located within the larger off-leash exercise area, providing an opportunity for dogs to both swim and socialize with other dogs. Owners should keep in mind that they are responsible for their dog’s behavior and should monitor their pet at all times, since this location can get crowded at peak times. You need a pass to enter the dog exercise area.

#9: Caledonia Dog Park/Johnson Park Dog Run (Racine, WI)

At Caledonia Dog Park in Racine, Wisconsin (also known as Johnson Park Dog Run), dogs can enjoy a refreshing swim in one of the park’s swimming ponds along the Root River. The un-fenced area is 17 acres so there is a lot of room for dogs to run free and swim. No permit or pass is needed to come to this park.

#10: Granville Park – Dog Exercise Area (Milwaukee, WI)

The Granville Dog Exercise Area is one of six Milwaukee County dog parks. The 10 acre park has trails for dogs to walk and a beach along a shallow creek for splashing and playing. This is a great place to bring dogs that aren’t sure about water or just learning, since it does not require submerging and paddling to get used to the water. The park is fenced on a few sides, but is technically not fully fenced so your dog should have a good recall before coming here.

#11: Mill Pond – Boat Launch (Hartford, WI)

A specific dog ordinance by the City of Hartford allows dogs to be under leash control until they are at the boat launch of Mill Pond (of the Rubicon River) where they can swim. This is a totally free location and a great place to go if you are local to the area and your dog needs a quick dip!

Private Outdoor Parks and Pools for Dog Swimming

#1: HAWS Schallock – Private Dock (Delafield)

If you have a dog that isn’t a fan of other dogs for whatever reason, there is still a place where you can go to swim outdoors with then in Delafield, Wisconsin. The private dock rental at HAWS Schallock Center for Animals is a dream place for your dog to swim, with a beach area and a huge dock that dogs can practice jumping off of. It books out far in advance, but it is well worth camping out on their website to get your weekly swim private swim times. There is also a private dog park if you want to run and romp as well!

#2: Rent a Pool with Swimply (Various Locations)

Swimply ( is basically the AirBnB of pools, and they have a great feature to filter for allowing dogs! Perfect for hosting a dog birthday party or taking your dog that does not get along with other dogs to a private place to swim outdoors. As of 2024, there is at least one pool in the Southeastern Wisconsin area that allows dogs and is available for rental. Check it out!

#3: Find a Swimming Hole with SniffSpot (Various Locations)

SniffSpot ( is an incredible website where you can rent private and safe areas to exercise and train your dog without worrying about other dogs. While not necessarily geared towards pools like Swimply, you can filter for a water feature in the area you are renting. If you are looking to combine a hike and a swim for your dog, and want a private option, this is a great option!

Dog Swim Safety

I hope you find this list useful for your next swimming adventure with your best friend! As always, safety first, so make sure you follow water safety rules and use a life jacket if needed. Specifically, in Wisconsin, be aware of blue-green algae and make sure your dog is up-to-date on their heartworm and flea/tick protection.

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